Discover BitcoinKit

Introducing BitcoinKit, the first and best Bitcoin wallet adapter. Seamlessly connect to the OG blockchain with our easy-to-use SDK.

Set up Dynamic’s BitcoinKit in just a few minutes

Install the Package & get your Environment ID from your dashboard

This takes a few seconds. Learn more in our docs

npm install @dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core @dynamic-labs/bitcoin

Set up your React snippet and customize

Once you set up your snippet, you can further customize things within your developer dashboard. You can also check out a working demo environment here.

import {
} from '@dynamic-labs/sdk-react';

import {BitcoinWalletConnectors } from "@dynamic-labs/bitcoin";

const App = () => (
      environmentId: 'REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_ENV_ID',
      walletConnectors: [BitcoinWalletConnectors]
    <DynamicWidget />

export default App;

Enable Bitcoin in your Dashboard, you’re done!

Supporting the top Bitcoin wallets in the ecosystem

Magic Eden
coming soon

Any questions?

We’d love to help.


What is Dynamic's BitcoinKit?

Dynamic's BitcoinKit enhances Dynamic’s wallet offerings to also support Bitcoin wallets.

How do I get started with Dynamic's BitcoinKit?

Go to and sign up for your free account. Then
1. Add the “@dynamic-labs/bitcoin” package
2. Add it to your walletConnectors prop in Dynamic context 
3. Enable the chain in your developer dashboard.

That’s it, you can now support Bitcoin wallets.

Which Wallets do you support?

We support the most popular Bitcoin wallets: MagicEden, Leather, OKX, Unisat, Xverse, Phantom

What are psbts?

A partially signed Bitcoin transaction (PSBT) is a standard for collecting multiple signatures for a single transaction. This allows different participants with different keys/signers to sign a transaction without revealing their private keys to others. Multi-sig wallets utilize these. This allows for a multi-step transaction process which is both safer and more efficient.

Where can I see this in action?

Go to and enable the Bitcoin chain (you can disable the other chains if you just want to see Bitcoin). Try connecting and signing, and check out the hooks and methods page to see more methods.

Set up your BitcoinKit now!

The first and best Bitcoin wallet adapter.