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From Wallet Woes to Walletless Onboarding – How Evaluate is Changing the Game with Dynamic.

Evaluate is a p2p NFT trading website that enables you to connect and chat with other collectors and swap NFTs safely. The experience on Evaluate feels like trading baseball cards at the playground or items in MMOs like Runescape, enabling users to meet new people and trade with confidence. Their mission is to make online digital collectible trading easy, safe, and fun - and they’ve already helped thousands of collectors trade nearly 100,000 NFTs in the last year. 

Initially, Evaluate was building its own in-house wallet connections, but found it cumbersome to have to add and maintain wallets with separate flow. Adding and maintaining support for multiple wallet types was difficult and time-consuming. 

“We love how Dynamic standardizes our onboarding process and allows us to focus on developing our app instead of worrying about supporting and maintaining new wallets.”

Evaluate build products on the Flow blockchain, and their founder/CEO, Christian, is a huge supporter of their interpretation of account abstraction, walletless onboarding, and account linking which are making their way to production now.

They are also interested in the work that Future Primitive is doing with erc-6551 (token-bound accounts). In Christian’s words, it seems inevitable that crypto apps will have autonomous, tokenbound accounts driven by LLMs that help users onboard and solve the cold-start problem most crypto apps face.

Evaluate recently introduced an SDK that enables collection owners, games, and platforms on Flow to bring the same chat and swap experience on evaluate to their own applications. We’re really excited to see what their team builds next!

“We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly dynamic can be implemented as well as the other features dynamic offers. The analytics dashboard and user search tool have been a valuable reporting and support resource for us - we even include screenshots of the dynamic dashboard in investor updates!”

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Find trading partners, negotiate deals, and trade NFTs directly from your Dapper Wallet on the Flow blockchain.

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Find trading partners, negotiate deals, and trade NFTs directly from your Dapper Wallet on the Flow blockchain.


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