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What is Base?

A Leading Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution developed by Coinbase and powered by Optimism’s superchain. Base handles transactions off of mainnet before aggregating them onto Ethereum, providing users with a more efficient development and deployment ecosystem, while still maintaining the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

Notable Base dAPPs

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Use cases

What's being built on Base?

Experiences that abstract away the complexity of crypto in favor of simplified Web2-like onboarding.

Social Finance Apps

Consumer applications require as little friction as possible when it comes to onboarding new users and supporting a large frequency of transactions.


Web3 Gaming

Layer 2 blockchains allow users to get the most out of gaming, by providing blockchain rails while still processing a high amount of transactions efficiently.


NFT Marketplaces

Digital collectibles have evolved significantly over the years and many of their use cases no longer only appeal to crypto natives.


The top wallets on Base

The top crypto wallets used on Base

Dynamic supports an extensive range of wallets across Base.

Coinbase Wallet
Coinbase Wallet

The features you need on Base

Email and Social Login

Access decentralized applications as easily as you browse the internet

Embedded Wallet & ENS

Simplify and personalize every aspect of your Web3 experience

Sign in with Farcaster

Seamlessly login directly with Farcaster

On-ramp transactions

Fund your wallet with flexible deposit options

React Native Support

Build mobile apps with the tools that are best for your users

Case studies

Explore customers on Base

We work with a wide-range of Base projects and are active within the Base ecosystem. Read into our case studies for more info on how we support projects building on Base.

Revolutionizing Immersive Storytelling with Dynamic: A Doodles Case Study

Doodles is a next-generation entertainment company focused on immersive storytelling through the creation and distribution of live and digital experiences, original content and lifestyle products.

Read case study

Bracket.Game: Transforming Sports Fan Engagement

Bracket.Game is an innovative platform that enables sports fans to buy shares in fanbases, allowing them to directly influence team decisions and player actions through Web3 and smart contracts.

Read case study

Embark on a community-driven Adventure on Base

EthXY is an on-chain MMORPG on the Base L2 network featuring one-tap PvP combat, RPG elements, and a community-focused environment, where players engage in games using the SEXY token.

Read case study


How do I get funds on to Base chain?

To fund a wallet on Base chain you can either bridge funds from another network or use an on-ramp. The gas token of Base's network is ETH.

What is $Degen?

Degen was originally launched as a community memecoin, and was airdropped to early and active users of Farcaster. Over time the community has become very strong, leading them to launch their own L3 blockchain, which Degen serves as the gas token for.

What does it mean to be “Onchain”?

Onchain means that you are transacting across decentralized applications and covers activities such as minting NFTs, bridging funds, and using DeFi applications.

What is Onchain Summer?

Onchain summer is a multi-week event put on by Coinbase that supports Web3 builders and promotes onchain activity. Last year 268,000 wallets participated to mint NFTs from respected creators and companies like Coca-Cola.

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