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Dynamic's beta program adapts to you



Basic functionality fit for anyone just starting out.

  • Basic feature set

  • Slack community support

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For up to 2,000 unique monthly active users. $0.05 per each unique monthly active user thereafter.

  • Starter tier, plus:

  • Advanced feature set - user management, authentication, integrations and much more


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Volume based pricing and custom features, with volume discounts available.

  • Advanced tier, plus:

  • Dedicated Slack/Telegram collaboration channel

  • Custom integrations

an enterprise-grade solution

An authentication flow is just the start. With Dynamic you get access to a lot more

User management

Dynamic can act as a full service user management system. With Dynamic you get both UI and API access to your users.

Allow and block lists

Testing your site? Create an allow list for your developers and alpha customers. Have addresses to block? Spin up a block list with a click.

NFT-based access

Want to turn your site into a member-only experience? You can configure gating in your developer dashboard.

Custom info collection

Once a user connects their wallet, you can quickly add additional onboarding fields to the user's sign up flow.

Wallet blocking

(optional) Automatically block risky wallets by screening all wallets against Chainalysis' US OFAC sanctions list.

Wallet compatibility

Our goal is to work with all wallets across all chains. See a wallet that we don't yet support? Just let us know!

Fully customizable

Customize everything. Dynamic's SDK is fully customizable, meaning you can control colors, corners, experience and much more.

Security first

We obsess about security. It is a core part of our mission and roadmap.

Learn about our security practices

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