Magic Eden: An Inside Look at Powering the Largest NFT Marketplace

Magic Eden has teamed up with Dynamic to provide their users with a seamless and secure authentication and wallet management solution. By handling the onboarding and login processes, Dynamic allows Magic Eden to solely concentrate on delivering the ultimate NFT experience.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden has established itself as a leading platform for enthusiasts, collectors and creators in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Through its intuitive interface and support of an increasing list of chains and wallets, Magic Eden has become the preferred hub for many digital assets collectors. With the backing of Dynamic’s authentication and wallet platform, Magic Eden is creating a more accessible world for collecting and exchanging digital assets.

The Challenge: Supporting a Large Volume of Collectors Across Many Networks and Wallets

As NFTs faced a brutal bear market the last few years, the asset class underwent a major shift. In the initial hype cycle of NFTs, there was little happening outside of Ethereum mainnet. Barring a few one-off collections on other chains, the norm was to interact with NFTs on Ethereum with a MetaMask wallet.

Additionally, the user experience in the last cycle of NFTs had major flaws. In the fast paced world of crypto, users depend on seamless wallet connections and authentication. Every second counts. And in an increasingly multi-chain future, it can be hard to cater to everyone and every collection.

Magic Eden needed to find the right tools to support them on their mission. Their needs broke down into 3 main topics:

  1. Implementing an auth solution that can support a growing list of wallets, and a wide range of different blockchains.
  2. Allowing users to easily manage multiple wallets simultaneously and link their social accounts.
  3. Providing the infrastructure that allows hundreds of thousands of users to seamlessly access the platform and handle high traffic periods, such as NFT mints.

The Solution: Strengthening User Experience With Dynamic

As Magic Eden has continued to grow and absorb market share, they’ve refined their focus on things that matter directly for their business. This has meant fully leaning into creating the best possible experience for NFT lovers, while delegating the rest.

Here’s what they had to say about implementing Dynamic:

"By integrating Dynamic's advanced authentication and wallet management solutions, we've immediately enhanced the accessibility of our growing multi-chain ecosystem. This collaboration has allowed us to focus on providing users and creators with an unmatched NFT experience, while Dynamic takes care of everything on the user management and multi-wallet linking front. As we look to onboard the next 100 million NFT enthusiasts, our partnership with Dynamic allows us to scale quickly and cater to an ever-growing list of wallets and blockchains." - Sidney, Co-founder & CTO, Magic Eden

Dynamic supports Magic Eden in various ways around authentication, user management and wallet connections. Here are some of the features that Dynamic has implemented to help Magic Eden onboard the next 100M NFT collectors:

  • Multi-Chain Wallet Adaptor: The future is multi-chain, and popular collections have emerged on almost every blockchain at this point. With the help of Dynamic, Magic Eden securely supports hundreds of wallets across the most popular blockchains.
  • Multi-Wallet: Most crypto users have more than one wallet. Through Dynamic, managing multiple wallets simultaneously has never been easier.
  • Weaving UI & Headless Solution: Magic Eden also takes advantage of Dynamic’s user interface and headless offering, allowing them to provide their end users with a fully customizable experience around everything they do on the platform. As a result, Magic Eden has the flexibility to tailor each aspect of the user journey, ensuring personalization with every click.
  • Social Linking: Magic Eden users now have the ability to link all of their social accounts to their wallet within their Magic Eden profile. This brings users a personalized experience, while also providing flexibility for signup and login.
  • Merge Accounts: Nowadays few crypto users only have one wallet. By enabling Magic Eden’s users to combine multiple accounts, Dynamic provides a convenient authentication experience.

What’s Next for Magic Eden & Dynamic?

As Magic Eden continues its journey, it remains committed to providing an unmatched experience for NFT enthusiasts. A commitment that they are well positioned for with the support of Dynamic's authentication and wallet platform. However, this is only the beginning for both platforms.

Moving forward, Magic Eden remains focused on enhancing its user experience by leveraging the capabilities of Dynamic. With features tailored to authentication, user management, and wallet connections, Dynamic empowers Magic Eden to build towards a more inclusive digital world.

Looking for support in powering your own NFT marketplace or decentralized application? Get started with Dynamic now or experiment with our demo environment.

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Magic Eden is a leading NFT marketplace for multi-chain creators and collectors. Magic Eden is home to hundreds of thousands of monthly NFT enthusiasts across Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana and other chains.

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Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a leading NFT marketplace for multi-chain creators and collectors. Magic Eden is home to hundreds of thousands of monthly NFT enthusiasts across Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana and other chains.



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