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What is Farcaster?

A community-led protocol for launching social networks

Farcaster is a decentralized protocol that aims to provide a trustless, scalable, and user-friendly platform for social applications. It’s designed to give users full ownership over their social connections and data. Farcaster launched in 2020, but has gained a lot of traction recently due to its leading social media app, Warpcast.

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Use cases

What's being built on Farcaster?

Social networks that prioritize user ownership and tools that enhance the Farcaster ecosystem by adding additional functionality.


Decentralized social apps, providing users with a permissionless and secure environment for social interactions and communication.

Developer Tools

Since anyone can build on top of Farcaster, many innovative tools have launched that bring new capability to the protocol and its power users.


Enhancements to existing features have transformed the current landscape of Farcaster, including Jeeves which allows users to tip one another.

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Spotlight on our Farcaster Customer

Simplifying the Developer Experience on Farcaster

Neynar partners with Dynamic to streamline onboarding for developers to build on Farcaster.

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Simplifying the Developer Experience on Farcaster

Neynar partners with Dynamic to streamline onboarding for developers to build on Farcaster. They provide necessary tools and services such as APIs, webhooks, frame embedding, and much more.

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Key terms to know


Posts within Warpcast are referred to as casts.


Warps are a currency within Warpcast that users can use for activities such as paying minting fees, posting in certain channels, or gifting to other users.


Frames allow you to turn any post into an interactive app, providing followers with unique experiences.


A channel is a public forum for users to discuss a specific trend or topic.

Social Graph

A decentralized data graph that stores information about users and their relationship with others.


How is Farcaster different than Warpcast?

Farcaster is the underlying decentralized protocol, while Warpcast is an application built on top of Farcaster. While Farcaster provides the foundational infrastructure, Warpcast offers a user-friendly interface to interact with the Farcaster protocol.

What are the benefits of a decentralized social network?

Decentralized social networks put data ownership in the hands of the user, while also putting an emphasis on security and censorship resistance. Additionally, anyone can build on top of these networks without permission, and user posts and activity are not owned by a central authority.

What is a Frame?

Frames allow you to turn any static embed into an interactive app. This means that creators can post polls, NFT mints, games, and much more directly inside Warpcast.

What are Warps?

Warps are in-app currency that can give users access to perks and privileges within Warpcast, such as posting in certain channels. They can be purchased, or users can earn them for being active and receiving engagement on the platform. Warps do not live onchain and cannot be traded after they are earned or purchased.

What is $DEGEN?

Degen was originally launched as a community memecoin, and was airdropped to early and active users of Farcaster. Over time the community has become very strong, leading them to launch their own L3 blockchain, which Degen serves as the gas token for.

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