Revolutionizing Immersive Storytelling with Dynamic: A Doodles Case Study

Doodles solved multi-wallet madness and Web2 onboarding with Dynamic.



In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology and Web3, companies like Doodles are at the forefront of an innovative new era in entertainment. Doodles spearheads this wave by telling stories through art, music, and a vast array technologies, boasting a visionary engineering team under the leadership of Noah Davis.

As a next-generation entertainment company, Doodles is on a mission to create the world's leading immersive storytelling experiences and infuse joy into the lives of its audience.In this case study, we delve into Doodles' journey and how Dynamic has played a pivotal role in addressing their technical challenges.

The Technical Challenge: Navigating Multichain Complexity and Achieving Web2-Friendly Onboarding

Doodles' vision extends across multiple blockchains, including Flow and Ethereum, to deliver immersive storytelling and entertainment. To achieve this, they initially implemented their own multi-wallet system. However, managing a unified view between these diverse blockchain networks became a daunting task. The complexity of handling various wallet interfaces, such as WalletConnect and MetaMask, led to bugs and hindered the creation of a seamless user experience.

Beyond the multi-chain complexity, Doodles faced the significant challenge of achieving Web2-friendly onboarding for their Web3 product. They aspired to provide an experience that would feel familiar and user-friendly, akin to the Web2 applications we are accustomed to.

Previously, Doodles had integrated Auth0 for authentication, but harmonizing this system with their wallets proved to be a challenging endeavor. Doodles realized the need for an authentication system that seamlessly coexisted with their wallet connections.

The ultimate goal for Doodles was to provide a Web2-like experience in the Web3 world, which spurred them to explore solutions that could make this vision a reality.

Discovering Dynamic: A Transformative Partnership

Doodles' journey led them to Dynamic, where they found more than just a technical solution.

When we first met the team they were super friendly, with the first point of contact being Itai. We were sold on the honesty around the current state of the product as well as the vision. Dynamic quickly became more than a partner; they became our ally in creating an awesome end-to-end user experience. The team has been incredibly responsive along the way, which reaffirmed our choice.

Doodles swapped from Auth0 to Dynamic in 2 weeks, leading up to their initial Stoodio launch in April 2023. They opted for a web2 sign-up flow using email only and then had users connect wallets after the fact. This was coupled with creating dedicated screens to ask for wallet connection and gating by assets in wallets to make onboarding feel more like a step-by-step process.

What Lies Ahead for Doodles

Fresh from a full rebranding effort, Doodles is now laser-focused on the final stages of transitioning the Stoodio from its beta phase to a full-fledged platform. As they continue to evolve, 2024 holds the promise of exciting partnerships and new methods of storytelling.

The Future of the Dynamic-Doodles Partnership

Doodles are keenly focused on the concept of streamlined wallet-less onboarding, a vision that aims to move blockchain technology behind the scenes while harnessing its full potential, and which is entirely shared by Dynamic. Their goal is to eliminate the complexities associated with Web3 and offer users a smooth and intuitive experience.

In the past, Web3 has been daunting for users due to the intricacies involved. Doodles is determined to change that narrative by making blockchain technology accessible to all, supported by Dynamic.

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Doodles is a next-generation entertainment company focused on immersive storytelling through the creation and distribution of live and digital experiences, original content and lifestyle products.

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Doodles is a next-generation entertainment company focused on immersive storytelling through the creation and distribution of live and digital experiences, original content and lifestyle products.




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