Making Real-World Assets (RWAs) accessible through NFTs and robust authentication

Fabrica employs Dynamic for seamless customer onboarding, enabling the purchase of real land within minutes.


The Opportunity:

Traditional land ownership is often inaccessible, illiquid, and costly to transact. By tokenizing real land on-chain, you introduce an entire asset class to new markets, making wealth attainable for millions.

  1. Modern transactions. Conventional real estate transactions are costly and rely on disjointed paper-based bureaucratic systems. Once an asset is digitized, it can be traded and managed at the speed of software.
  2. Increased investment opportunities:  Digital assets tied to tangible assets can be used as collateral directly on-chain. This allows users to tap into global lending, borrowing markets, and discover new use cases for their assets.
  3. Reduced transaction costs: On-chain transactions are significantly more affordable than their traditional counterparts, saving asset owners substantial amounts.
  4. Enhanced transparency: Tokenizing land ensures traceable ownership and transaction activities, minimizing fraud risks and the need for intermediaries.

The user-experience problem

Transacting in real land NFTs requires an onboarding that is familiar, highly configurable, and easy for developers to use.

“We needed a simple developer-first solution to bridge not just assets on-chain, but even more importantly new users to web3. Dynamic seamlessly does exactly that”

Fabrica used a legacy system and needed their developers to focus on the core value of their product. While onboarding and authentication seemed relatively easy to do, the complexity actually compounded the deeper they went. What this meant, was cycles that kept the team away from their core utility - handling all of the complexity of real-estate transactions and tokenizing them.

Fabrica and Dynamic envision a world where logging in is intuitive (via email, social media, etc.), and a wallet is merely a part of the purchasing journey. In essence, web3 onboarding and authentication should be straightforward and unobtrusive.

Fabrica uses Dynamic’s SDK with email and social log-in and our embedded wallet offering.

Exciting things on the horizon 

Fabrica's ambitious mission will undoubtedly present both offline and on-chain challenges. In the upcoming phase, both teams will collaborate to roll out innovative features, leveraging account abstraction, on/off ramps, and advanced embedded wallets. The goal is to bring the next million real estate properties—and their proprietors—on-chain.

To revolutionize real estate ownership, you need an entirely new infrastructure paired with familiar user experiences.”

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Turning your real estate property into an NFT to unlock new financing, liquidity and trading options across the web3 ecosystem.

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Turning your real estate property into an NFT to unlock new financing, liquidity and trading options across the web3 ecosystem.


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