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Flipside Crypto

The Opportunity:

Blockchain data is often complex, difficult to access, and challenging to interpret. By building tools and solutions to make it more accessible and usable to a wide range of audiences, the true utility of blockchain can be unlocked.

  1. Data Accessibility: While most blockchain data is freely available, it is often complex to access for non-technical users. Creating a user-friendly experience makes it easy to access and analyze.
  1. Data Quality: Blockchain data can be noisy and incomplete. By providing solutions to clean and curate data, it ensures that it is accurate and reliable.
  1. Data Insights: Blockchain data can be difficult to interpret. User-friendly tools and resources help analysts extract insights without days of analysis.

The Problem: 

Time to implement cross-chain wallet authentication flows and match wallets to unique users.

Speed and cleanliness become very important when you are helping a protocol manage and analyze an airdrop across chains. On one hand, you want to support wide adoption, but you also want to mitigate spam and reward unique users (not just wallets). Before Dynamic, Flipside had to manage each unique wallet connection flow and deal with the complexity of deciphering whether a new wallet connection was truly a unique user or just another wallet for the same user.

"It took forever. Building customer onboarding and authentication is not our specialty. Dynamic lets us spin up experiences across chains in minutes instead of weeks."

By combining Dynamic's multi-chain wallet onboarding and multi-wallet linking, Flipside could set up an airdrop experience for Avalanche and another for Flow without breaking a sweat, allowing them to easily map wallet connections to users.

Flipside continues to be a best-in-class data platform for analysts, protocols, blockchain foundations, and data enthusiasts. It provides a free open data platform and paid plans to solve some of the most complex analytical challenges in Web3. Dynamic is excited to continue to help on their mission.

"When users start to game an airdrop, it's critical to have solutions to quickly decipher their behavior. Multi wallet-linking is one of those ways."

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Thrive in Web3 with access to the best data. Including Ethereum, Solana, Osmosis, Flow, NEAR, Axelar, Thorchain, Optimism, Terra, Binance and many more.

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Flipside Crypto

Thrive in Web3 with access to the best data. Including Ethereum, Solana, Osmosis, Flow, NEAR, Axelar, Thorchain, Optimism, Terra, Binance and many more.


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