Introducing: Advanced NFT Gating! ūüéČ

Spin up embedded wallets in seconds

Users log in with email or social, a wallet gets created, and you get to focus on your core functionality.

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Expand beyond crypto-native users

Profile enrichment

Create a unified profile for your users across their wallets, email, and social accounts.

Progressive onboarding

Let users start with an email login, and connect a wallet later on, helping them gain trust in your app.

Expand reach

Appeal to a wide range of users; from crypto-native users, to web3 newbies, and anyone in between.

Built in flexibility

You get to decide the placement of the login modal based on your use-case.

Offer email login, social login, and embedded wallet generation

Customize to your usecase

Prioritize email or wallet first based on your business needs

Optimized for Web2 users

Prioritize email and social login for user sign-ups, and allow multiple wallet connections at a later stage.

Optimized for Web3 users

Prioritize wallets first, with a backup option for those without one.

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Dynamic takes minutes to implement

You can leverage our libraries, see code examples, and ask any question in our Slack community.

Documentation Dynamic

Dynamic takes minutes to set up

(Oh, and we also offer a free multi-chain wallet adapter)

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