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Introducing: Advanced NFT Gating
Introducing: Advanced NFT Gating
Introducing: Advanced NFT Gating


If you’re an authentication geek like us, you know of the struggles of saying the word auth out loud, while in your mind clarifying to yourself whether you mean AuthN (Authentication) or AuthZ (Authorization). 

That’s because as soon as a user signs up for a service, the next set of tasks is to define what resources a user can access, or in other words, what scopes they are assigned to. Authentication and authorization go together (we were considering adding a peanut butter and jelly joke here).

Historically, authorization systems were based on email mapping. But in web3, you can re-imagine them from the groups up, leveraging what’s in someone’s wallet, not just their wallet address, to grant them access to scopes.

And that’s why today we’re introducing advanced NFT gating - the ability for you to map NFT and token ownership, or a combination of those, to users’ respective scopes, granting them access to different parts of your site or app.

Why use scopes and NFT gating?

Imagine building your own exclusive club online, where the price of admission is not just a simple sign-up, but ownership of a specific NFT or token. This opens the door to an array of possibilities, such as access to exclusive content, early product drops, and member-only forums.

Alternatively, this feature can also be used to create VIP sections on your site. Say you're a musician and you've just dropped a new album. You could mint a limited series of VIP NFTs, and the lucky fans who managed to snag them will get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage, private chats, and more. It's a unique way of rewarding your most loyal fans, and who knows, maybe even enticing a few more.

So how does it work?

In short, we made it trivially easy to set up (check out the walkthrough video above). As a developer, you'd head over to the Dynamic developer dashboard. In the NFT gating card, you can map specific NFTs or tokens, or even a combination of those, to user scopes. 

And it gets even better. You can combine multiples gates to create more sophisticated scenarios. It's not just about creating one-to-one relationships; you can weave intricate webs of permissions if that's your jam.

You can combine rules to generate unique scopes

Why does this matter?

In the heart of this new feature lies the magic of Web3. Wallets are essentially super apps that combine payments, storage, identity, and more, and using those to authenticate and authorize access to experiences creates unique experiences never before possible.

By leveraging the power of crypto to verify digital asset ownership, we can ensure that access is granted only to those who hold the required NFTs or tokens. It moves us to “deep authentication”, the concept that you can interact with someone’s wallet when logging in, and easily gate access. 

Whether you're a developer aiming to build a gated community, an artist looking to reward fans, or a platform seeking to tier access based on token ownership, this new feature opens up a world of possibilities. It’s about ways to create experiences that weren’t possible before.

So here's to the magic of Web3, and a future filled with exciting, personalized experiences.

What’s next?

You’ll see a lot more from us on this front. Soon, you’ll be able to combine emails, wallets, and tokens into a single scope mapping, as well as create more advanced functionality across chains and multiple wallets.

We also have some secret features on this front which we’ll be sharing over time (we could share those now, but it would ruin the surprise!). For now though, try creating your first gate by visiting the Configurations section in your dashboard, and follow the guide in the documentation - we can't wait to see what you build!

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Matthew Foyle

Matt runs Developer Experience at Dynamic, and has worked at Twilio & Algolia among other developer tooling companies.

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