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Wagmi + Dynamic
Wagmi + Dynamic
Wagmi + Dynamic

An exciting aspect of crypto is the ever growing set of open source libraries that allow developers to create powerful experiences with a few lines of code.

One set of tools that we’re particularly excited about is wagmi. Used by thousands of engineers (and has over 3.7k stars on github), the wagmi set of React hooks make it simple to work with React and EVM. Developers that use wagmi rightly highlight its simplicity and elegance, making building react-based dapps fun.

We spent time making sure Dynamic fully integrates with wagmi. What does that mean? Well, in short, you can now choose to either use Dynamic’s default multi-chain hooks on cross-chain projects, or leverage wagmi for robust EVM support. You can also mix and match the two, yielding the power of both as needed, and you can do so without significant setup.

Getting started with Dynamic and wagmi is easy:

Here is how to set up a quick Dynamic login flow with wagmi:

Here you can read our technical implementation docs - it's super simple to get started.

We are thrilled to announce we are now active sponsors of wagmi. We think the work done by @awkweb and @jakemoxey is invaluable, and are excited to work closely with them to further advance wagmi and the React web3 ecosystem.

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Yoni Goldberg

Yoni is the co-founder and CTO of Dynamic. Prior to Dynamic he was VP at Juul labs, AQR and Even Financial, and a tech lead at Gilt Groupe. He previously completed his thesis at Google Research, and holds B.Sc and M.Eng degrees in Computer Science from MIT.

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