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Introducing SDK V2: Let’s Make Web3 Onboarding Even Easier
Introducing SDK V2: Let’s Make Web3 Onboarding Even Easier
Introducing SDK V2: Let’s Make Web3 Onboarding Even Easier

Dynamic’s mission is to expand the horizons of what developers can achieve with wallet-based authentication. And in the fast paced world of Web3, constant adaptation is vital. That’s why our team never stops implementing new features that make wallet-based login as seamless as possible for developers.

The culmination of these efforts? Welcome to Dynamic SDK V2.

What’s New in SDK V2?

Building off of the features developers are already familiar with, SDK V2 introduces multiple enhancements. These upgrades provide developers with a more flexible, customizable, and cohesive experience. Additionally, SDK V2 introduces a few new features, such as SMS login for embedded wallets and improved headless support.

SMS Login With Embedded Wallet Support

SMS authentication is the perfect complement to our existing email, farcaster and social login options. By supporting SMS login with embedded wallets, developers can enhance app accessibility and provide users with greater flexibility around wallet-based authentication. 

This facilitates a smooth onboarding flow, reducing friction and improving user engagement. Overall, implementing SMS login alongside embedded wallets represents a big step towards delivering a comprehensive and user-centric authentication experience. Want to test it yourself? you can see it in action in our demo environment.

Important note: we are able to combine SMS with passkey-based 2FA, thus allowing flexibility of signup while ensuring end users aren’t impacted by phishing and other SMS-based attacks. 

Wagmi V2 & Viem V2

Integrating support for Wagmi V2 and Viem V2 libraries is crucial for Web3 development. These libraries have emerged as cornerstone tools, and often serve as a prerequisite for many projects.

By accommodating Wagmi V2 and Viem V2 within your project, you ensure compatibility with prevailing standards and empower developers with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of decentralized applications.

Dynamic Headless SDK

Leveraging our headless offerings enables developers to craft a personalized and distinct login journey tailored to their user’s needs. Dynamic still serves as the foundational infrastructure, while developers can confidently shape their authentication flows to align with their brand and unique project requirements.

Additional Powerful Tools

  1. Zerodev V5 support: This is a requirement for customers who are signing up for the new packages of Zerodev Account Abstraction.
  2. Minimal JWT: While our previous JWT provided valuable information, we have found that at times it could cause errors if it gets too bloated. We’ve introduced a new JWT, that we refer to as the Minimal JWT, which prevents this from happening by providing only the required authentication fields. All the data that was previously used from the JWT is still available in the DynamicContext.
  3. Changes to bundled sdk-react-core: We are dropped sdk-api from the sdk-react-core package to promote better code organization and maintainability for developers.
  4. No more React 17 support: Discontinuing support for React 17 will allow developers to benefit from reduced potential package issues and maintenance.

Want to explore the power of V2 yourself? Check out our migration guide or interact with our demo environment here.


Q: Is Wagmi V1 still supported in Dynamic’s V2 SDK? 
No, we are keeping up with the most recent updates from Wagmi. But there is a good upgrade guide here

Q: Can I use SMS with embedded wallets? 
Yes, you can configure this however you like. You can leverage embedded wallets with SMS or you can use it without embedded wallets. We aim to make our SDK as configurable as possible.

Q: Where can I find the V2 docs? how about V1?
You can access v2 docs here, and v1 docs here.

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