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Test Drive Coinbase’s Smart Wallet Today
Test Drive Coinbase’s Smart Wallet Today
Test Drive Coinbase’s Smart Wallet Today

Wallet-based login is the future of authentication. Wallets grant users privacy, offer greater security than password-based authentication, and grant users more control over their accounts and assets.

But to date, wallets have faced many challenges. They are complex for new users, have multiple points of friction, and require users to safeguard lengthy seed phrases. For wallets to be widely adopted, change is needed.

Introducing Coinbase’s Smart Wallet

Coinbase’s Smart Wallet sets a new standard for the world of crypto wallets in several ways:

  • User Experience: With this wallet, there is no need for browser extensions or downloading apps. It operates exclusively within the browser.
  • Security: By utilizing only passkeys, users remove the risks of passwords, third parties, and lost seed phrases.
  • Simplicity: Users receive a single wallet and wallet address, regardless of the app or blockchain that you connect to.

Integration with Dynamic SDK

Dynamic SDK has been integrated with Coinbase’s Smart Wallet from the start! That means that you can currently experiment with the wallet on testnet within Dynamic’s demo environment. And when Coinbase’s Smart Wallet launches on mainnet in the near future, it will immediately be live through Dynamic as well.

This integration offers one of the first opportunities for the general public to experiment with the new wallet. To try it for yourself, check out our step by step guide or video walkthrough below!

How to Try Out Coinbase’s Smart Wallet

Trying out Coinbase’s Smart Wallet is as easy as a few clicks:

  1. Go to our demo
  2. Select “Coinbase”
  3. Create a wallet & log in
  4. Go to
  5. Click "Smart Wallet" & mint an NFT

If videos are more to your liking, we also walk you through the steps below:

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Itai Turbahn

Itai is the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic. Before Dynamic, Itai spent 7 years in product management leadership positions, and was previously a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Itai holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and B.Sc degrees in EECS and Economics from MIT.

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