Empowering the People: Collective's Crypto Revolution with Dynamic Authentication

Empowering Communities, Enhancing Security, and Simplifying Web3 Onboarding.


Rocketman is the cofounder of Collective and a longtime crypto hacker. He is passionate about crypto’s potential to disrupt legacy rent-seekers in every vertical of society, but most of all about its ability to give power back to the people. He tells us about that Collective is on a mission to increase community-driven impact in the world - that people today don’t have the power to come together economically and make change.

Collective built their own web3 auth system into a microservices backend as well as a set of UI components to handle all the edge cases around multi-wallet, signing, wallet connection etc. This ended up wasting a lot of time focusing on non-differentiating work. They were also worried about securely storing user data like emails and needed someone to take the load off of their backs so they could focus on what mattered to their users and mission. 

We integrated their auth packages and removed all of our legacy code, and our users now have a 10x auth experience thanks to the folks at Dynamic. The docs and packages were incredibly easy to work with - and their team is very responsive on Slack and usually on issues within <1h.

The Collective team are now working on onboarding the next billion users to crypto via social/email wallet accounts - where you can earn money in your community and sign up to claim without ever creating a wallet or managing a seed phrase.

“Members of our team spent months of engineering effort trying to build our own secure crypto authentication system, Dynamic solved it for us in 5 minutes.“

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Empowering Communities, Enhancing Security, and Simplifying Web3 Onboarding

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Empowering Communities, Enhancing Security, and Simplifying Web3 Onboarding


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Email & Social Auth
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