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Introducing Solana Embedded Wallets
Introducing Solana Embedded Wallets
Introducing Solana Embedded Wallets

TL;DR - We launched Solana embedded wallets. Available now!

When Yoni and I started Dynamic, we partially did it after experiencing the Degen Ape Academy mint flow in 2021 (one of the first Solana mints), seeing the pain firsthand of onboarding into the otherwise incredible chain that is Solana. 

Since then (and even before), we have been extremely bullish on the ecosystem. We were fortunate to have Solana Ventures as a partner in our seed raise, enjoyed Breakpoint and the builder energy abound, and we're proud to have the support of many key angels in the space.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing our embedded wallet functionality to the ecosystem, expanding our product offering beyond wallet adaptors into a full auth solution.

With Dynamic embedded wallets and existing support for Solana wallets, developers can help customers onboard into their products with a single click. Using email, social, and soon phone login, they can deliver incredible experiences, whether for the crypto-native or in the background by making them crypto-enabled. 

Best part - the Solana embedded experience takes a minute to set up.

With the Dynamic embedded wallet, you can:

  1. Enable email/social login for customers without wallets
  2. Created non-custodial wallets for them
  3. Enable easy key export
  4. Sponsor their gas using tools such as Octane

This feature is available today - try it here! You can learn more about it in our docs here, and you can book a quick call to chat with us here.

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Itai Turbahn

Itai is the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic. Before Dynamic, Itai spent 7 years in product management leadership positions, and was previously a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Itai holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and B.Sc degrees in EECS and Economics from MIT.

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Dynamic takes minutes to set up

(Oh, and we also offer a free multi-chain wallet adapter)

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