Decoding Data Sovereignty: Rehide & Dynamic's Journey to Decentralized Security

How Rehide and Dynamic Teamed Up to Transform User Control in the Age of Data Vulnerability.


Rehide's goal is to empower individuals and businesses with secure control and ownership over their data. They solve the vulnerability of sensitive digital information, and the risks of data breaches, identity theft, and unauthorized access by offering a world-class zero-knowledge, non-custodial, decentralized password manager.

As a true decentralized application, Rehide does not have a backend or database to store user data. Instead, the website reads and writes data to the blockchain and IPFS, which is public and decentralized.  

"We needed a way to manage user authentication without running our own server and Dynamic had the perfect toolkit for it. We were looking for a trusted partner who was responsive and had aligned values and we have found Dynamic to be fantastic to work with."

Rehide integrated Dynamic with their existing Wagmi hooks. They use Dynamic’s built-in user authentication and multi-wallet user profile features and are also looking into using the NFT gating features to allow and deny access to premium features based on their mint pass NFT balance.

"Dynamic has a solid admin dashboard to manage network providers, access lists, chains, etc. They provide excellent technical support, the team was fantastic in helping troubleshoot the initial integration as we were using a very early viem version."

The roadmap involves empowering as many people as possible and reaching non-crypto native audiences. They are looking to implement account abstraction to sponsor gas for users who own a lifetime subscription NFT and will also be launching a limited edition NFT collection of 3D PFPs that will unlock lifetime access to premium features. Some of the other upcoming product features include the ability to encrypt and store files and a browser extension to improve the UX by auto-filling forms.

"Our partnership with Dynamic has allowed us to enhance user security and control while remaining committed to decentralization. This milestone not only reinforces our commitment to self-custody but also ensures that our users enjoy the highest standards of security."

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Protect your private notes using your web3 wallet and store them on your vault by minting an NFT. Not your keys, not your data.

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Protect your private notes using your web3 wallet and store them on your vault by minting an NFT. Not your keys, not your data.


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