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One wallet, two wallets, red wallet, blue wallet

Your users have multiple wallets. Leverage our multi-wallet functionality to help them consolidate those into a single account on your site.

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Multi-wallet, multiple use cases

NFT marketplaces

Create a unified profile for your users across their wallets, show them an aggregation of their assets, and do much more.


Let users take action across multiple accounts within their same wallet.


Building multi-chain defi? Enable your users to connect multiple wallets and easily leverage them for trading.

Membership sites

Allow your users to authenticate with one wallet and mint with another, either on the same chain or a different one.

Optimized for user privacy

We optimize for privacy and limit what is stored and shared. Multi-wallet associations ARE NOT shared across Dynamic’s customers. Any association that a user creates between wallets is confined to the app they've created the association on.

Multi-chain, and much more

Our multi-wallet functionality allows combination of wallets across chains, as well as multiple wallets from the same provider (e.g. two Metamask wallets).

Wallet switch detection

When a user switches an account within their wallet, Dynamic detects the switch and reacts accordingly.

Account merging

If a user previously had two accounts, we'll help guide them through how they merge them to a single user.

Works across chains

Multi-wallet isn't limited to a single chain. You can combine a Metamask, Phantom and Dapper wallet and others into a single account.

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All the edge cases you could dream of (and have nightmares about)

You can go back to focusing on your product.

  • Multiple account in the same wallet

  • Wallet switch detection

  • Account merging

  • Multi-chain

  • Mobile-friendly

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