Feature updates


Aug 2023

Multi-Chain Bridge Widget

The Multi-Chain Bridge Widget, developed in partnership with Starknet, simplifies multi-chain bridge usage. It lets you connect wallets across different chains, switch between wallets and accounts easily, and supports both EVM and Starknet wallets through Dynamic.

Aug 2023

NFT gating

This new feature is the ultimate fusion of authentication and authorization in Web3. Your users will be able to unlock exclusive content, VIP access, and more, based on token ownership.

Aug 2023

XMTP & Dynamic

You can now build apps that can talk to any wallet in the world, making it easy to connect and send messages securely using the XMTP protocol with Dynamic's support.

Aug 2023

Blocto wallet login integration

We've integrated with Blocto, a powerful ERC-4337-compatible smart contract wallet. Users can now simply enter an email address, and the Blocto embedded wallet pops up, enabling seamless wallet creation and login. Turning Blocto on only takes a single toggle.

Jun 2023

Crossmint partnership

Dynamic and Crossmint have joined forces to provide a seamless end-to-end experience, incorporating Dynamic's authentication and Crossmint's wallet-as-a-service. Users can now log in using email or social accounts, and a whitelabel wallet is automatically generated for them. Stay tuned for deeper product integration coming soon.

Jun 2023

Fiat On-Ramp Integration with Banxa

Dynamic and Banxa collaborate to streamline on-ramps for web3 sites/apps.  Developers can now enable an on-ramp button, simplifying the process of funding user wallets, while Banxa handles verification and compliance. Integration rolls out soon. For more details, refer to the full guide and Banxa's announcement.

Jun 2023

Fiat on-ramp

We partner with Banxa and launched a seamless on-ramping solution, simplifying the process for users to bring money into their wallets with a few clicks.

Jun 2023

Modular SDK

Dynamic is now modular, allowing for easy embedding of specific chains in the SDK and resulting in a lighter SDK with reduced size by up to 55%. The implementation change is quick and straightforward, and further details can be found in our docs.

Jun 2023

Zerion Browser Extension Wallet

Added support for Zerion browser extension wallet in closed beta.

Jun 2023

Seamless Fund Transfer

We added functionality for seamless fund transfers from your wallet with a click.

Jun 2023

Social Account Linking - Instagram

Added support for Instagram in our Social Account Linking feature. Customers can now easily connect their favorite social accounts, including Instagram, provides a seamless experience across all social platforms.

May 2023

Smart Embedded Wallets Partnership with ZeroDev

Introducing closed alpha version of the embedded smart wallet feature, which enables creation of wallets for customers without existing ones through our embedded wallet solution. These wallets can now be transformed into smart contract wallets using EIP-4337, aka Account Abstraction.

May 2023

SOC 2 Type II Security compliant

We are SOC 2 Type II Security audit compliant, demonstrating our strong security measures.

May 2023

Alpha Support for viem and wagmi v1

Alpha support for viem and wagmi v1 now available! Easily choose between using ethers and viem as the underlying JS libraries for Dynamic, with the flexibility to use whatever tool is best for your use-case. Read more here.

May 2023

New EVM chains support: Avalanche, Celo and Sepolia testnet

Developers can take advantage of faster transaction confirmation times and unlimited tokens for testing by using our supported testnets including Avalanche, Celo, and Sepolia.

May 2023

Phantom multi-chain wallet support

We now support Phantom's multi-chain wallet

Apr 2023

Social Account Linking

We added social account linking in information capture, allowing users to link their accounts from various OAuth providers such as Discord, Github, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Configuration guides for each provider have also been added, along with DynamicWidget functionality for ease of use.

Apr 2023

Cosmos chain support

We now support Cosmos chains

Mar 2023

User profiles

Created a unified multi-wallet and user profile modal that enables a single location to manage wallets, social info, emails, and more.

Mar 2023

SDK v2

SDK v2 has been released and includes several new features and improvements to enhance user experience: 

  • Simplifies key interactions for easier use.
  • Includes multiple pre-built themes for quick and easy customization.
  • Allows for full design customization to match your brand.
  • Creates a beautiful authentication flow for your users.
  • Supports critical edge cases for secure usage.

Here are some of the key features of the new SDK:

  • Design flexibility: Use pre-configured themes from the dashboard for a quick and easy start, or customize every pixel of the SDK with a simple prop in settings.
  • Sorting and filtering: Only show a simplified list of wallets by adding "FilterAndSortWallets".
  • Expand beyond wallets: Include email and social login in addition to wallets with Dynamic's themes - themes work for those as well.

Mar 2023

Email login & Embedded Wallet

Added the ability for users to sign in with their email on the platform, with social log-in coming soon. The wallet-login feature generates an optional embedded wallet, helping users who don't have a crypto wallet. We partnered with Magic, Web3Auth, and Blocto to provide flexibility in key management solutions.

For customers who already have wallets, we have introduced email-based login. This will allow you to associate a wallet to an email and then log in with one and vice versa, expanding your ability to interact and communicate with your users.

You can read more about this feature on our features page.

Feb 2023

Lilico Support

We now fully support Lilico. the first extension wallet on Flow blockchain! With our seamless implementation process that takes only a few minutes, you can easily manage your NFTs and digital assets on Lilico.

Jan 2023

Email verification

Once a user signs up with their wallet, they can now associate an email with their account. Dynamic takes care of email verification, auth codes, edge cases, and everything else needed.

Jan 2023

Wagmi + Dynamic

You can now combine Dynamic’s powerful auth platform with wagmi's robust EVM support.

  • Dynamic now works alongside Wagmi to allow users to interact with Dynamic's SDK for authentication while using Wagmi hooks to interact with their wallets.
  • Two steps are required to use Wagmi within Dynamic: Install the DynamicWagmiConnector package and set it up.
  • Users can use Wagmi hooks like useAccount and useNetwork inside their app component after wrapping it with the DynamicWagmiConnector.

Dec 2022

New chains and wallets support - Argent and Braavos

We constantly add more to the list! Proud to support @PalmNft @Opera_Crypto @argentHQ @myBraavos and many more

Dec 2022


Customers have the option to view basic usage statistics for their websites and dapps. Currently it is possible to view usage breakdown for dapps and usage of wallets by type, with much more to come

Dec 2022

Custom RPC URLs

Now you can choose your own RPC URLs, or stick with the Dynamic default ones. More flexibility, more control!

Dec 2022

Connect & Authenticate

Choose when (or if) to auth users. Simply add the 'initialAuthenticationMode' prop to turn authentication on/off (call the function at any time to auth users later on)

Nov 2022

SDK v1.5

Our SDK v2 is coming soon; in the meantime here are several key improvements which are available starting today:

  • First, a quick before & after of our modal, making better use of space and removing redundant copy.
  • Many sites require connection, followed by message signing, as two steps in the process. We improved copy and flow around those by splitting them into two pages, with better copy to explain changes.
  • we improved how WalletConnect wallets show up on mobile. Rather than a popup on top of a popup, we now filter to walletConnect wallets.

Nov 2022

StarkNet support

We now support StarkNet, and the Argent and Braavos wallets!

Oct 2022

Multi-wallet support

Dynamic's SDK now offers multi-wallet support, allowing users to combine multiple wallets from MetaMask, Phantom, and others into a single account on your website. With the new feature, users can easily switch between wallets without the need to log in and out of different accounts, streamlining the process of interacting with NFT marketplaces, defi exchanges, and other dapps. Dynamic's SDKs handle wallet switch detection, account merging, and UI edge cases, making it easy for developers to integrate the feature into their app. The multi-wallet feature is currently available for closed beta customers on desktop web, with mobile web support rolling out soon.

Oct 2022

Opera Crypto Wallet support

Now you can use Dynamic with the Opera Crypto Wallet

Sep 2022

Palm support

Dynamic now supports the Palm NFT chain

Aug 2022

EVM chains support

You can now easily configure EVM chains within your dashboard. With one click, you can add/remove chains, and those will show up in your logged-in widget automatically. We handle chain switching, and much more

Jul 2022

Simple modal

We've added a simplified version of our modal. In this version, fewer wallets show up by default, and the modal becomes a bit smaller.

Dynamic takes minutes to set up

(Oh, and we also offer a free multi-chain wallet adapter)

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