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The Account Abstraction Market Map
The Account Abstraction Market Map
The Account Abstraction Market Map

Account abstraction is gaining significant traction, and there are many providers out there. We wanted to share a market map we put together to navigate the different promising providers in the market.

We divide the market into multiple categories of the stack. Some providers focus on the infra that makes AA tick, such as bundler and paymaster services, while others provide SDKs to spin up a full wallet. A few providers are gaming focused, and multiple have launched their own branded account abstraction wallet.

If you think we’re missing something, ping us and we’re happy to evaluate adding it.


These provide Bundler and Paymaster APIs

Wallet SDKs

Provide the smart contract wallet infrastructure


Focused on gaming use cases

Branded smart contract wallets

Thanks to Derek Chiang from ZeroDev, John Rising from Stackup, Akshay Malhotra from Halliday and Will Hennessy from Alchemy for their review, input and feedback.

NOTE: There is an updated version of the map! Check it out here.

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