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Dynamic + Banxa: Seamless on-ramps with a click
Dynamic + Banxa: Seamless on-ramps with a click
Dynamic + Banxa: Seamless on-ramps with a click

When an end user logs into a web3-enabled site or app, one of the first actions they need to take is to bring money into their wallet (either branded or embedded) so that they can take action on site.

This process, referred to as an “on-ramp” process, can be frustrating. Users usually have to jump through hoops, face multiple failures, and more. As an alternative, developers can offer an embedded “on ramp” process within their app, making it easy for end users to get started with a few clicks.

This is exactly what we’re announcing today together with Banxa, a leading global Web3 on-and-off ramp solution. With this solution, you can enable an on-ramp button within your app with a click. Developers can focus on creating, while Dynamic handles authentication, and Banxa handles liquidity management, compliance, and payment network usability.

How this works

Upon login, end-users will see a new button within their user profile called "buy". This opens up a Banxa modal that takes them through the required identity verification steps and compliance requirements, and helps them purchase crypto.

This in-turn is sent directly to their wallet. And that’s it. They are done!

Getting started

The integration is actively rolling out in the coming weeks. To gain access, you can reach out to us via Slack. Once done, you can enable an onramp solution: 

  1. Go to your developer dashboard and go to the Configurations page.
  2. Go to the crypto funding card.
  3. Select "Enable funding".
  4. You're done. You can reference Banxa's test information so you can easily test in sandbox.

Read the full guide here, as well as Banxa's full announcement here.

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Itai Turbahn

Itai is the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Before Dynamic, Itai spent 7 years in product management leadership positions, and was previously a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Itai holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and B.Sc degrees in EECS and Economics from MIT.

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