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Dynamic is Now SOC 2 Type II Compliant - Reinforcing Our Data Protection Commitment
 Dynamic is Now SOC 2 Type II Compliant - Reinforcing Our Data Protection Commitment
 Dynamic is Now SOC 2 Type II Compliant - Reinforcing Our Data Protection Commitment

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our SOC 2 Type II Security audit. Completed through a partnership with Vanta, this achievement reinforces our commitment to protecting your data and upholding the highest standards of security and trust in our services.

Privacy and security are at the core of the promise of web3, and at Dynamic, we start every discussion with those in mind. Through automated monitoring with Vanta and our robust policies, we stay constantly updated on our security and privacy approach.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is an auditing standard that evaluates an organization's controls and processes for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. It consists of two key types of reports: SOC 2 Type I, which provides a snapshot of data security at a specific time, and SOC 2 Type II, which offers a comprehensive assessment over a period of time. At Dynamic, we undergo the rigorous SOC 2 Type II Security evaluation to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information.

What does this mean for you?

With our SOC 2 Type II certification, you can trust that Dynamic has implemented robust security controls to protect your data from unauthorized access and maintain its integrity.

Our commitment expands beyond SOC 2

Along with achieving SOC 2 certification Type II, we go above and beyond to protect your data through rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards. By dogfooding our own product, we are the first to evaluate its security, scalability, and permissions. Following web3 standards, such as SIWE and CASA, we employ JWTs and offer endpoints to validate payloads. Our SOC 2 security audit, coupled with our bug bounty program through
hackerOne, and our partnerships with leading auditors and expert advisors who previously worked at companies such as Okta, Auth0, Zenefits, and others, ensures the highest level of security for your data. All data is transmitted and stored with encryption, and you have full control over your data storage options. You can learn more about our robust security practices here

Your partnership is important to us in maintaining a secure environment. If you find any vulnerabilities, please submit a vulnerability report, or contact our dedicated security team at 

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Itai Turbahn

Itai is the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic. Before Dynamic, Itai spent 7 years in product management leadership positions, and was previously a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Itai holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and B.Sc degrees in EECS and Economics from MIT.

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