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One wallet, two wallets, red wallet, blue wallet… announcing multi-wallet support
One wallet, two wallets, red wallet, blue wallet… announcing multi-wallet support
One wallet, two wallets, red wallet, blue wallet… announcing multi-wallet support

Across most dapps, wallets correlate one to one with identities. A user is really their wallet, which means that on NFT marketplaces, defi exchanges and others, users have to log in and out every time they want to switch a wallet. But - and this shouldn’t come as a surprise - users have multiple wallets. 

So let’s just allow users to combine wallets? Easier said than done. With multiple accounts in a single wallet, cross-chain wallets and others, it is surprisingly difficult to create a magical experience that lets users connect and authenticate multiple wallets into a single account.

Over the past few months, we’ve chatted with countless startups about multi-wallet support on their site. We found that some delayed implementation because of this complexity, while others spent time implementing multi-wallet login on their own, later regretting doing so. They explained that the edge cases become more challenging over time as more chains are added, and maintenance is a drain on resources.

Today, we’re launching a better, simpler way. With Dynamic’s SDK’s, you can now easily associate multiple wallets with the same user account. Once a user creates their account with a single wallet, you, the developer, can use the Dynamic widget to allow authentication of multiple wallets. Dynamic, in turn, will return a JWT with a list of verified wallet objects for easy access. Once your user signs in with a first wallet, they authenticate with a second, third wallet, etc. Here is a sneak peek:

The multi-wallet support functionality handles edge cases across multiple chains, primary and secondary wallets, message signing, switching accounts within a wallet, and much more. You can explore some of our multi-wallet features, play around with a live a demo, and read more about the details for our headless implementation in our docs.

We’ve been working with multiple design partners to iterate over this functionality, and today we’re expanding access to all our closed beta customers. Desktop web is available for customers today, with mobile web rolling out in the next few weeks. You can sign up for our closed beta here:

Important note about privacy and multi-wallet: Dynamic optimizes for user privacy and limits what is stored and shared. It is important to note that multi-wallet associations ARE NOT shared across Dynamic’s customers. Any association a user creates between wallets is confined to the dapp they have created the association on.

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Eadon Jacobs

Eadon Jacobs runs product at Dynamic. A UC Davis engineer by training, Eadon started his career as a software engineer at New Relic before moving to lead products and product teams at Zenefits, Juul Labs and Openlytics, as well as running his own startup.

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